Freitag, 16. September 2011

Patch 1.5: PTS Patch Notes

For the cumulative changes on PTS with the build on Monday, 9/12/11, 9:00pm PDT:


PTS ONLY NOTE: Additional Experience and Prestige are being granted on PTS to help with testing the Planar Attunement system. Have fun!
PTS ONLY NOTE: The behavior of Master Mode population mobs has been updated. Some Master Mode population mobs have new abilities. Please send feedback on your experience with Master Mode population.
PTS ONLY NOTE: Deepstrike Mines (Master) – Further tuning tweaks and bugs fixed on Overseer Markus, Gregori Kreslav, Bonehew the Thunderer, Gatekeeper Kaleida.
PTS ONLY NOTE: Updates and fixes to chronicles based on your feedback!
PTS ONLY NOTE: Marksman: Vampiric Munitions: Fixed a tooltip issue.

* New Chronicles, epic storyline experiences for solo and duo players, become available with 1.5.
- If you're level 50, head to Sanctum or Meridian to check out the Chronicles of Attunement!
* New Planar Attunement system lets you continue to grow your character past level 50 and choose how you want to enhance their abilities.
* Veteran Rewards are being added as a bonus for longtime Ascended. More details to come!
* Master-mode Dungeons challenge even the most experienced and well-equipped players who come looking for a fight!
* A new Weekend Warfront joins the mix - check out LIBRARY OF THE RUNEMASTERS, below!
* New competitive rewards have been added for purchase with high-level zone event currency. Find them on the Planar Goods merchants in Sanctum and Meridian! More details on Zone Event reward updates below.
* The Golden Maw unleashes chaos from an abandoned kingdom across the sea, as the Ashes of History world event begins!
* AddOns for RIFT will soon be going into live beta! These are optional tools that can be used to enhance your personal gameplay experience.

* A new Warfront joins the weekend rotation - this one in an all-new setting!
* Within the depths of Hammerknell, Guardians and Defiants fight to take control of abandoned Dwarven Rune vessels. With the ability to bind powerful planar beings, these artifacts could prove invaluable to the armies of Ascended.
* Join the fight to control these powerful vessels - but be warned, the longer one is within your grasp, the more its dark power will eat away at your soul.
* Earn points for your team by holding the relic as long as possible. None can withstand the power of the relic for too long, though, and the carrier will take an increasing amount of damage until they die. Points can also be gained by defeating enemy players.

* Awesome new weapons and armor have been added to the Planar Goods merchants that can be purchased with Inscribed Sourcestone - these are expert-level equipment and worth checking out as a means of gearing up your character! Synergy Crystals coming soon.
* Combined Crystal sourcestone and Inscribed Sourcestone into a single currency for end game rift rewards.
* Crystal Sourcestone has been removed and any existing Crystal Sourcestone will automatically be converted into Inscribed Sourcestone.
* Added Inscribed Sourcestone drops to all high level events, Rifts, and Rift related daily quests.
* Significantly increased the rate in which players can obtain Inscribed Sourcestone.
* Items that used to cost Crystal Sourcestone have had their costs converted to Inscribed Sourcestone.

* Now with better Anti-Aliasing! Set your Anti-Aliasing option to 'Edge Smoothing' to see the new improvements.
* Added a keybind-able command that will hide other players on your screen when the key is pressed. There is no default bound key, but you can set one in the Key Bindings menu as 'Hide Other Players' under UI Toggles.
* You can now interact with merchants, quest NPCs, and Healer NPCs while they are in combat! This should help in some situations where a great many invaders are present.
* Trinkets and other usable-equippables will now enter their cooldown period when equipped.
* Quantum Sight and Omen Sight now last 15 minutes.
* Wardrobe items are now only shown to players from your own faction.
* Fixed an edge case with master looting where a group could become ineligible for assigned loot.
* Fixed a bug where characters could end up with multiple stacks of Soul Exhaustion.
* Fixed the message 'Dummy has decayed from [item] appearing whenever a temporary enchantment was applied to an item.
* NPCs now give a more descriptive error message when you attempt to turn in too many repeatable quests in a single day.

* You no longer need to be Prestige rank 2 to join the World Defense chat channel.
* Characters will be added to the World Defense channel when reaching level 50 - current level 50s will be added automatically after the update.
* Combined some of the level range chat channels - new channel ranges are Level 1-29, Level 30-49, and Level 50 chats.
* When your character is automatically added to a new level channel (when reaching 30 or 50), we'll no longer also remove you from the old one.

* Zone event broadcasts should now always contain the name of the zone the event is starting in, rather than just an area within the zone.
* Between the high level zones - Stillmoor, Shimmersand, and Iron Pine Peaks - only one zone event will be active at a given time.
* When a PvP Rift is active in a zone, the activity icon will be visible on your main map, which has a tooltip giving info about the active Rift and event.
* PvP Rifts will also be visible on the main map when zoomed in, even if you're not currently in the zone.

* Fully LFG-formed groups now default to having the tank set to leader.
* LFG groups can now vote kick someone who is not in the instance.
* You can also access other useful things from the party member's right click menu even if they are not in your instance - promote, mark, invite to guild, friend, etc.
* Fixed a case where you wouldn't be able to use the Leave Dungeon option if you entered an LFG dungeon from within another dungeon.
* Two-player parties that disband during a LFG queue pop no longer leave an orphan window on the screen.
* Characters who level while queued in the LFG system will not be kicked for forgetting to spend Soul Points for a couple of levels. Once you leave the queue for any reason you will have to spend those Soul Points before you can rejoin it.

* Guild Perk: Bloodthirsty: Duration increased to 10 seconds, percentage healed lowered to 5-15% healing, and now cannot trigger a second time while active.
* Found and removed a weekly guild quest that had an incorrect level set on it and would result in only 2 quests being offered, rather than three, in a particular week.

* Normalized stat contribution across all Callings:
* Warrior: Attack Power is now 50% Strength and 50% Dexterity (was previously 75%/25%).
* Warrior: Melee Critical Hit is now 100% Strength (was previously 100% Dexterity).
* Rogue: Attack Power remains 50% Dexterity and 50% Strength.
* Rogue: Melee Critical Hit remains 100% Dexterity.
* Mage: Spell Power is still 50% Intelligence and 50% Wisdom.
* Mage: Spell Critical Hit remains 100% Intelligence.
* Cleric: Spell Power is now 50% Wisdom and 50% Intelligence (was previously 75%/25%).
* Cleric: Spell Critical Hit is now 100% Wisdom (was previously 100% Intelligence).

Please see this feedback thread to discuss these changes - For Feedback - Changes to Warrior & Cleric Stat Calculations


* All Sigils are now area of effect on the target rather than ground targeted area effects.

* Fae Blast: Now properly generates aggro.

* Corporal Punishment: No longer based on critical hits. Now gives a 14% chance to gain increased damage to your Life and Death based abilities for 5 seconds, plus an additional 1.2% per point spent in Inquisitor above 21. (This will be changed to a flat % chance in the next patch based on feedback)

* Ancestral Flame: Improved the way the shield absorb bonus is calculated from having points in Disciple of Flame - the net result is a higher amount absorbed by an Ancestral Flame proc when you have both abilities purchased.

* Serendipity: No longer based on critical heals. Now grants a 25% chance to reduce the casting time of your next heal, plus an additional 0.6% per point spent in Sentinel above 26. (This will be changed to a flat % chance in the next patch based on feedback)

* Lust for Blood: No longer based on critical hits. Now gives a 15% chance to deal additional damage on your next Physical hit, plus an additional 1% per point spent in Shaman above 21. (This will be changed to a flat % chance in the next patch based on feedback)
* Vengeance of the Primal North: Corrected the effect tooltip.

* Nysyr's Brand: Increased cooldown to 10 seconds.

* Overflow: No longer based on critical heals. Now grants a 15% chance to proc an additional heal on your target, plus an additional 1% per point spent in Warden above 26. (This will be changed to a flat % chance in the next patch based on feedback)


* Nenvin's Lament: Fixed an issue where a previously cast spell would consume Nenvin's Lament if it was cast before the prior spell finished hitting the target.

* Disorient: Now triggers Swift Control when the stun portion successfully lands, instead of when the confuse portion hits.
* Rock Slide: Fixed an issue where the last tick of Rock Slide would remove 10 Charge but deal no damage and no buff stacks if you had between 10 and 19 Charge at the time of the last tick.
* Leeching Flames: No longer triggers the Elementalist ability Icy Carapace.
* Opportunity procs from the Warlock soul no longer gives Archon auras a casting time if the Archon has branch abilities making them instant.

* Charged Shield, Mass Charged Shield: Shield damage now checks for damage buffs and debuffs at the time the damage occurs.
* Mass Charged Shield: Fixed a bug with the tooltip of Rank 2-4 of this spell where the damage was not being displayed correctly.
* Death's Edict, Mental Shock: Now deals damage even if the target is immune to the stun portion of the effect.
* Swift Control: Updated the description to help clarify how this spell functions.
* Improved Charged Shield: Updated the description to indicate that it increases the base damage of an ability.
* Pets will now be able to attack enemies affected by the root from Storm Shackle.
* Quick Thinking: No longer consumed by abilities that you've spent soul points to make instant-cast, such as Chloromancer's Bloom.

* Last Gasp: Can now critically hit.
* Flesh Rot: Updated the description to indicate that it increases the base damage of an ability.
* Symbiote: Updated ability description to clarify that it applies to the base healing of Essence Link.
* Fixed an issue where Blood Spike on the Skeletal Zealot was not correctly reducing its cooldown when it consumed a stack of Deathly Calling.

* Due to the below changes, characters with soul points spent in Pyromancer will receive a free soul respec.
* Withering Flames: Can now critically hit.
* Burning Shield: Now absorbs 50% of the damage received, up to the indicated amount. It no longer has restrictions on when it can be cast.
* Ground of Power updates: Renamed to Glyphs of Power. Glyphs of Power is now an instant cast self-buff with a 1 hour duration. This buff provides the same bonus to Fire abilities and increase to damage taken that Ground of Power did, but only applies the bonus while the caster is standing still.
* Improved Ground of Power: Renamed to Improved Glyphs of Power. Retains the same effect on Glyphs of Power that it had on Ground of Power.
* Improved Grounding: Removed.
* Improved Flame Jet - New Ability: Grants Flame Jet a 33-100% chance to knock back targets it hits. Available after spending 5 points in Pyromancer.

* Absolute Zero: This will no longer be consumed if cast immediately after Arctic Blast or Icicle, before those spells hit the target.
* Building Storm: The stacking buff is now consumed at the point of casting a Hypothermia ability, rather than being consumed at the time damage is dealt.
* Storm Guard: Fixed a case where Storm Guard would not place a stack of Electrified on enemies it damaged.
* Icy Vortex: Will no longer snare an enemy if they are already snared. Will still apply Hypothermia with each hit.

* Defile: Fixed an issue where the last damage tick was not occurring.
* Sacrifice Life: Mana: No longer prevented from returning mana when used with Empowered Darkness active.
* Dark Fury: Now deals damage even if the target is immune to the Stun portion of the effect.
* Damage from Warlock Armor and Dark Armor now checks for damage buffs and debuffs at the time the damage occurs.
* Charge consuming abilities now properly consume Charge when used while Empowered Darkness is active.
* Opportunity: No longer consumed by abilities that you've spent soul points to make instant-cast, such as Chloromancer's Bloom.

* Rogue Energy regeneration rate has been increased to 22 Energy per second, up from 20.
* General gameplay goals for the rogue update:
- Competitive PvE Alternatives to Sabodancer, both melee and ranged.
- Competitive PvP DPS. You should fear seeing a Rogue the same way you see a Warrior. Of equal Prestige Rank, the two should be capable of providing a similar amount of PvP threat.
- Survivability improvements. Some self heal improvements and vampiric-type Healing Siphons - Abilities that reduce the healing intake capacity of one's target, with a portion of the stolen amount going to the rogue.
- Better synergies between souls.
- More utility without giving up the majority of their DPS to get it, bringing them closer in line to the flexibility that other callings have.
- Large pack tanking improvements - Improvement to threat on multiple mobs
- Running capacity remains -- BUT, Double-teleport-invulnerable runner (the "bugged" one) goes away.
- Reduction in required reliance on "unfair" tactics (invuls, slips, etc) via adding true competitive power

* Gameplay goals: More up front damage, less reliance on super-long, annoying DoTs. Better poisons. Less "waste a finisher to apply a short buff." Slip Away should not be a requirement to compete.
* Virulent Poison, Lethal Poison, Leeching Poison, Debilitating Poison, and Serrated Blades no longer trigger damage shield effects.
* Baneful Touch: No longer a combat finisher ability. Now a self buff that increases the damage of all weapon enchantments by 20%. Unlocked after spending 20 points in Assassin.
* Leeching Poison: The healing granted has been increased. Now unlocked after spending 14 points in Assassin, with an additional rank added at level 50.
* Poison Mastery: Now also increases the Attack Power of the Assassin's poison-coated weapons by 15-75%. The chance for it to trigger has been increased to 4-20%, up from 2-10%.
* Enduring Brew: Ability changed - now instantly heals the Assassin for a large amount of health, with a 1 minute cooldown.
* Backstab: Attack Power damage bonus increased to 150% from 100%.
* Assassinate: Now ignores 50% of your target's armor.
* Exposed Weakness: The additional damage taken by the target is now increased by the Assassin's Attack Power. No longer on the global cooldown and has a 20 second ability cooldown added. Energy cost reduced to 10 from 20.
* Physical Trauma: Ability changed - now increases the damage of Puncture, Jagged Strike, and Impale by 20-40% , and the damage of Final Blow on an impaled target by 15-30%.
* Slip Away: Changed slightly - the Assassin is no longer immune to damage after using Slip Away. Any damage taken while Slip Away is active will not bring the Assassin out of stealth.
* Cut and Run - New Ability: Available after spending 20 points in Assassin. Removes all control and movement impairing effects. Not on the global cooldown.

* Gameplay goals: A little more low level survivability - More of a reason to take this as a 3rd solo soul if you're inclined to get some more survivability back.
* Motif of Renewal - New Ability: Unlocked after spending 6 points in Bard. Heals the Bard over 15 seconds, does not stack with Motif of Regeneration.
* Triumphant Spirit: Healing bonus is now applied to Motif of Renewal.

* Gameplay goals: Should be a viable in-your-face combat rogue.
* Combat Culmination: Corrected the tooltip on this ability - it now indicates that unused combo points are refunded at 10 Energy per point (rank 2) or 15 Energy per point (rank 3).
* Rhythmic actions no longer cause Exhaustion; instead, only 1 Rhythmic Action can be active at a time.
* Weapon Barrage: Removed the damage component of this interrupt ability.
* Strike Back: Now triggers off of dodges as well as parries.
* Compound Attack: Damage dealt is no longer reduced when hitting 2 or 3 targets.
* Turn the Tide: Whenever you dodge or parry an attack, it now also reduces the damage you take by 5-10%.
* Contra Tempo: Ability changed. Your Quick Strike and Precision Strike have a 50-100% chance of granting an additional combo point.
* Counterbalance: Ability changed. Now reduces the cooldown of all Rhythmic Actions by 15 seconds.
* Flash of Steel: Now unlocked after spending 10 points in Bladedancer. A rank 7 of this ability has been added.
* Unabating Steel: Available after spending 25 points in Bladedancer. The Bladedancer becomes immune to all control and movement impairing effects after using Flash of Steel.

* Cleanse Soul: No longer takes you out of stealth when used.

* Gameplay goals: No longer suffers an identity crisis around being the mobile-soul-that-requires-mostly-stationary-play. Pedestals are gone. Sniping remains. They get enchanted Ammo buffs (via their new "Munitions" line), and can bring one more ability into an AE rotation. New survivability as well. Better synergy.
* Due to the below changes, characters with soul points spent in Marksman have received a free soul point respec.
* Marksman's Pedestal and Sniper's Pedestal have been removed.
* Hit and Run: Removed.
* Improved Hit and Run: Renamed to just Hit and Run!
* Swift Shot, Empowered Shot, Deadeye Shot, Rapid Fire Shot: Damage increased.
* Strafe: Damage increased. An additional 100% bonus from Attack Power is added to this attack.
* Four new weapon enchantments for ranged weapons have been added. Only 2 weapon enchantments can be active at one time; does not stack with Assassin poisons or Nightblade weapon enchantments.
* Electrified Munitions: Unlocked at 14 points. Ranged weapon attack abilities deal additional Air damage. Damage is increased with points spent in Marksman above 14.
* Rending Munitions: Unlocked at 16 points. Your ranged weapon attacks ignore 25% of the target's armor.
* Vampiric Munitions: Unlocked at 18 points. Ranged weapon attack abilities have a 20% chance to place a curse on the target, reducing their healing taken by 50% for 15 seconds. The Marksman is healed for 20% of any healing the cursed target receives.
* Silver Tip Munitions: Unlocked at 51 points. Ranged weapon attack abilities curse the target, causing them to take an additional 2% damage from the Marksman for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.
* Deaden: Energy cost reduced to 10 from 40.
* Lightning Fury: Can now be cast instantly. Energy cost reduced to 30 from 40.
* Single Minded Focus: Ability changed - now increases the damage of all single target damage abilities by 1-5%.
* Increased Fire Power: Effect is now triggered on all critical hit attacks.
* Penetrating Shots: Now works with both ranged and melee weapon physical attacks. Also ignores 5-25% of the target's armor, up from 4-20%.
* Master Archer: Ability changed - whenever you are standing still, damage with ranged weapons is increased by 5-25%.
* Barbed Shot: Removed.
* 4-piece Hammerknell Synergy Crystal bonus has been updated with the above changes: now increases the damage of Electrified Munitions by 50%.

* Gameplay goals: Some more survivability, without having to rely on pure immunities.
* Hellfire Blades, Smoldering Blades, and Fell Blades no longer trigger damage shield effects.
* Primal Strike: Now deals Death damage instead of Physical damage.
* Primal Death: Now increases the damage of Primal Strike by 5-15%.
* Enkindle: Ability changed to now increase the Attack Power bonus of your Fire based attacks by 10-30%.
* Living Flame: Increased the damage bonus from Attack Power by an additional 50%.
* Twilight Transcendence: Ability changed; it now removes all curable harmful effects, reduces damage taken by 50%, and heals the Nightblade for 50% of their max health over 4 seconds.
* Fell Blades: Available after spending 16 points in Nightblade. Now causes weapon attacks to have a 20% chance to deal Death damage and curse the enemy, reducing healing on the target by 50%. The Nightblade receives 20% of any healing on the cursed target.
* Fiery Chains: An additional 50% damage bonus from Attack Power has been added. Now unlocked after spending 32 points in Nightblade.

* Gameplay goals: Synergizes with other souls better. No longer overly dependent on Shadow Fire.
* Killing Focus: Now increases the damage of both melee and ranged weapon attacks by 2-4%.
* Double Shot: All ranged weapon attacks gain a 10-50% chance of firing an additional shot.
* Shadow Fire: Now increases your damage with ranged weapons by 13% for 25 seconds. The bonus to damage is increased by 1% for every point spent in Ranger above 14, to a maximum of 50%.
* Master Huntsman: The Dire Wolf's Maul now infects the target, reducing healing taken by 10-50% - increased from 6-30% healing reduction.

* Gameplay goals: Offensively synergizes through +AP and reflect shields. Some new multi-target threat coolness here too. You should be able to take some Riftstalker without flooring your DPS, as melee souls' ability to close all currently lives in this tree.
* Due to the below changes, characters with soul points spent in Riftstalker have received a free soul respec.
* Guardian Phase: Threat generation increased to 200% from 100%. No longer purgeable.
* Stalker Phase: Effect is no longer purgeable. Now adds a 10% damage bonus when activated. Plane Shifting adds another 15% damage bonus for 10 seconds.
* Planar Strike, Phantom Blow, Rift Disturbance, and Shadow Blitz: Reduced the threat generated by these abilities.
* Shadow Blitz: An additional 50% damage bonus from Attack Power has been added to this attack.
* Shadow Stalk: Now removes all control and movement impairing effects.
* Annihilate: Damage increased. Now adds a buff that increases Attack Power by 20%, rather than a fixed value.
* Stalker Phase: Effect is now triggered after using any Plane Shift abilities.
* Rift Barrier: Now absorbs both physical and non-physical damage. Additionally, the absorbed damage is reflected back on the attacker.
* Improved Rift Barrier: Removed.
* Planar Vortex - New Ability: Whenever the Riftstalker Plane Shifts, they gain Planar Vortex which lasts for 4 seconds. Deals 50% of your weapon damage every second to surrounding enemies and generates a large amount of threat. Effect can only be triggered when the Riftstalker is in Guardian Phase.
* Hasted Time: Increased the speed buff granted after Plane Shifting by 25-50%, up from 15-30%. Can be triggered once every 10 seconds. No longer stacks with the Bladedancer's Sprint and the Marksman's On the Double.
* Freedom of Movement: Effect is triggered after Plane Shifting and can only occur once every 10 seconds.
* Shadow Assault: The damage bonus from Attack Power has been increased to 100%, up from 50%.
* Shadow Mastery: Now a 2-point ability that reduces the cooldown of your Plane Shift abilities by 10-20 seconds.
* Phantom Blow: Now has a 10 second cooldown. The stack size has been reduced to a single stack and reduces damage taken by 6%.
* Rift Guard: Now absorbs damage up to 250% of your maximum health, up from 150% for a 51-point Riftstalker.
* Defer Death: For the next 4 seconds, the Riftstalker's health cannot drop below 1 hit point. When the effect ends, gain an absorption shield that absorbs all incoming damage for up to 50% of max health for 10 seconds.
* Shadow Guard - New Ability: Available after 25 points spent in Riftstalker. Reduces physical damage taken by 1-5%. For every 1000 Armor, you take 1% less physical damage up to a maximum reduction of 20%.

* Gameplay goals: Use of bombs should not be a DPS downgrade.
* An additional 50% damage bonus from Attack Power is applied to the damage from Fragmentation Bomb, Chemical Bomb, and Annihilation Bomb.
* High Explosives: Now have a chance to crit on each tick instead of only the first tick.

* Reactive abilities have been given a 1.5 second shared internal cooldown which will keep multiple reactives from being used simultaneously. This will affect Flesh Rip, Frenzied Strike, Inescapable Fury, Disarming Counterblow, Paladin's Reprisal, Retaliation, and Turn the Blade.
* Spell-interrupting abilities that are not combat finisher abilities no longer deal damage and only interrupt the casting of the target. This affects Bash, Face Slam, Flinching Strike, and Furious Rage.

* Pack Mentality: Fixed a case where this effect was removed when spending a soul point.

* Bloodthirst: This ability is now on the global cooldown. Due to this the damage has been increased and it now grants an attack point.

* Light's Decree: Fixed a bug with the debuff tooltip to indicate it triggers off of single target attacks.
* Paladin's Devotion: Can now be used while snared or rooted and will properly remove those effects.
* Paladin's Reprisal: Can now be used while wielding a 2-handed weapon when under the effect of the Vindicator soul's ability, 'The Art of Defense'.
* Sweeping Strike: Fixed a case allowing Elemental Touch to trigger off of both the initial hit damage as well as the elemental hit.

* Wrist Strike: No longer blocks Break Free abilities.
* Predictable Movements: Fixed an issue that could cause Predictable Movements to not work at all.
* Reaping Harvest: Ability will show as unavailable while wielding a 2-handed weapon.

* Creeping Death: Fixed a bug causing rank 2 through 4 to not properly snare the target.

* Riftwalk: Riftwalk now always places you behind your target. Fixed a tooltip bug which stated that Riftwalk stunned the target instead of rooting them. The ability function hasn't changed and still roots the target.
* Avatar of the Rift: Fixed a bug allowing the damage shield to hit the attacker for each tick of a damage over time ability, or to trigger from auto-attacks. It no longer triggers from auto-attack damage and only applies on the first tick of a damage over time ability.
* Earth Burst: Fixed a tooltip typo that listed the snare duration as 0 seconds.

* Ragestorm: Fixed a case allowing Elemental Touch to trigger off of both the initial hit damage as well as the elemental hit.

* Combat Awareness: Updated tooltip to better indicate that the ability generates significant threat.

* Killing a mind-controlled player of your own faction will not give you prestige, favor, or experience. It's still pretty funny, though.
* PvP deaths no longer result in soul damage, even if NPCs are attacking you.


* The 'Abyssal Precipice' achievement can now be updated by defeating Expert versions of the bosses.

* Darkswarm mobs no longer award experience.
* Braxtepel: Flame Cleave can no longer be reflected.

* Expert: Fixed some locations where characters would be teleported after being resurrected.

* Players can no longer hide from Isskal's single-target attacks.
* Hydriss: Tsunami visual effect looks and is times better to help represent ability damage increase over distance.
* Hydriss should no longer attack players during or instead of her Waterburst and Hydrostatic Shock phases.

* Expert: Additional tuning for the Helena Brass finale so Oludare should always spawn and not block you from completing the dungeon.

* Oracle Aleria: If Necrotic Eruption is on a character at the time of Aleria's death, it gets removed rather than bombing the entire raid once the maze walls drop. No more victory-wiping!
* Lord Greenscale: At long last, and hopefully for good - fixed a case where Lord Greenscale would sometimes cancel his Genesis Torrent cast or channel.

* Darktide Mists can now be crowd controlled.

* Strange Plots of the Aelfwar: Fixed a case where the quest objectives would not reset and refused to allow players on this quest to return to the instance and complete it.

* Standard: Slightly reduced base mob density in this dungeon.
* Expert: Neutral mobs no longer award experience.

* Crafting Rift: Weaponsmith: Will no longer auto-complete the third bonus stage due to multiple characters completing the second.
* Brilliant Enduring Rune now grants +9 Endurance, up from +8. Every point counts!
* Tempered Orichalcum Bar, Enchanted Shadethorn Lumber, Steel-Stitched Leather, and Infinite Essence now sort properly on the auction house.
* Epic Essences and Rare Essences above level 50 now Salvage for more level-appropriate materials.
* Dark Seafoam Green Dye has been fixed to require 110 Apothecary skill to create. It previously was set to 130.
* Ruby Gorget was incorrectly requiring 201 skill to create instead of 210. Fixed!
* Skilled Armorsmith Supply Chests will properly award Armorsmith materials rather than Weaponsmith.
* Ornate Platinum Choker now displays the correct name in the recipe list.
* Corrected the name of the Apothecary Workorder that requires Lesser Healing Potions.
* Runecrafters will no longer receive Workorder: Radiant Steadfast Runes. Characters currently on this quest will still be able to complete it - a new Runecrafter Workorder has been added to replace it, requiring Radiant Insightful Runes.
* Fixed an issue where neutral Crafting Trainer NPCs in Fortune's Shore were offering faction-specific recipes.
* Corrected the Bind on Pickup flag on some Rune and Runeshard recipes that were not previously set.

* Items that grant temporary enhancements (ex: Padding, Armor Plating, Spellstones, Riding Chaps, etc.) have updated icons.
* Collectible books no longer count as quest items and will go into your primary inventory. If you have any in your quest bag that you hadn't added to your collections, you'll need to move them into your general inventory to use them.
* Fixed a bug that could cause Synergy Crystals to display incorrect tooltips in merchant windows.
* Fixed an issue where clicking off the buff from Necrotic Rage would prevent it from proccing again unless the focus was re-equipped.
* Binding Silk: Now with Physical Crit rather than Spell Crit.
* Bulwark of Banishment: Reduced the Block bonus from 40 to 20 to bring it in line with other items of similar level.
* Deathsteel Pauldrons: Now with Attack Power rather than Spell Power.
* Double Barrel Problem Solver: Changed graphic so this is actually double-barreled.
* Energetic Sourcestone Mirror is no longer able to proc from every tick of a damage over time ability, only on the first.
* Fang of the Life Lord: Can now correctly proc from Warrior abilities.
* Gossamer Motions: Now has Attack Power instead of Spell Power.
* Gravetouched Soulstone: Fixed so it actually does proc the buff on your pet, as the description indicates.
* Metamorphic Stonesource: Will now apply the correct effect.
* Murk Shrouded Trinket: Effect tooltip now displays the correct name.
* Nyx's Chloromancer Crystal: 2-piece bonus now increases the chance for Radiant Spores to proc by 10%, up from 5%.
* Nyx's Chloromancer Crystal: 4-piece bonus now causes damage ticks from Void Life to place a stacking buff on the Chloromancer. Each stack reduces the casting time of the next Nature's Touch spell by 0.5 seconds.
* Privateer's Axe of the [...]: Can once again be sold to merchants.
* Sandcovered Shroud: Now accepts both Primary and Secondary areas for dyes.
* Stinging Faesource: Now procs the correct buff.
* Tuthmet Wine: Fixed the spell power buff so it will no longer be overwritten by a weaker version.

* Manticore type mobs just got more lucrative to hunt - they weren't dropping as much currency loot as they should have.

* Zone event: Saving Lantern Hook: This event should no longer be able to get into a non-completable state.

* A new porticulum has been added to Ark of the Ascended, allowing new characters to receive their Soul Recall ability earlier.

* Out of Harm's Way: This quest should be less negatively impacted by footholds at the nearby Guardian Encampment. Also increased the distance the escort can be from the player before the quest will fail.
* Gwyddon is now properly removing the Hag's curse for any afflicted Ascended.

* The Redsnow Bandit population around Frost Falls has been retuned to be more in keeping with the quest levels of that area.

* Daily quests in Scarlet Gorge should all properly grant notoriety for repeat completions.

* Zone Event: The Witching Hour: Fixed a case where the event could fail before all targeted locations had fallen.
* Realigned Priorities: The Guardian Raiders that spawn should no longer flag you for PvP and as an added bonus, also no longer hit like trucks.
* Chronic Cultist Culling: Removed the second objective from this daily quest.
* Local Cures: Umbral Sedge plants will no longer spawn inside of rocks.
* Insuring Their Safety: More Gorefang Wranglers should now be available.

* Zone event: Scourge of the Sands has been tuned down in difficulty.
* The Order's Charge: Quest will now always update on killing a Maelforge Emberdrake if the Flamerod is active.
* The Unlucky Few: NPCs will respawn more reliably during this quest.

* A new porticulum has been added to Divine Landing, allowing new characters to receive their Soul Recall ability earlier.
* The rare spawn NPC, Pandora, will no longer be a potential target of Defiant Footholds.

* Tracking a Traitor: Ascended will now have an easier time using Kira's Signal during this quest.
* Daily quests in Stonefield should all properly grant notoriety for repeat completions.

* It's a lot more difficult to get your character to stand at impossible angles while mounted.
* Fixed an issue with sound reverberation in some areas (such as Chancel of Labors in Iron Pine Peaks) where the effect was way too strong on footsteps, character speech, and some other sounds.
* Fixed footstep sounds for some polymorph effects that had none.

* You can now add [notactive] to a /cast macro to prevent it from turning off a toggled ability.
* Fixed a bug where players could incorrectly end up targeting themselves when using abilities from macros.

* Parties can now be displayed by default using the Raid Frame UI. Check the Display tab under Options to enable this setting.
* The Auction House no longer truncates long item names with '...' when using right click on an item in your inventory to search auctions.
* Soul Exhaustion tooltip now correctly explains whether it has been applied by resurrecting at a graveyard or by reaching 0% Soul Vitality.
* Title rewards are now displayed in the Achievements window.
* The on-screen popup message for Quest Accepted now appears for all quests, including Rift dailies.
* Removed an erroneous error message when adding the first quest to your quest stickies when the stickies are currently empty.