Freitag, 23. September 2011

Patch 1.5: PTS Patch Notes Update #2

* PTS NOTE: Players of the opposing faction once again see your Wardrobe appearance!
* If you try to pay for a cash-on-delivery mail attachment multiple times, we don't actually charge you more than once.
* When right-clicking stackable items to move them into a Guild Bank, they will be merged into any existing stacks in the bank if there is room.
* Quests that share updates with party members will now also share across the whole raid, not just within your raid group.
* Using click-to-move no longer acts bizarrely if you click on a floor above or below your character.
* Smart Targeting now actually changes your target to the one chosen by your ability.
* Characters will no longer be affected by PvP Immunity effect when zoning into or being resurrected inside an instance.
* Any Crystal Sourcestone you currently have will be converted into Inscribed Sourcestone.

* Your experience bar will turn into a Planar Attunement meter when you reach level 50. The mouseover tooltip will indicate that you are earning experience toward Planar Attunement.
* You must purchase all Planar Attunement abilities of a given tier before you can begin spending points in the next tier up.
* Rested experience does not apply to post-level-50 Planar Attunement experience.
* PTS NOTE: Planar Attunement: Clerics now receive double the benefit to Spell Power from Mace Mastery for two-handed maces.
* PTS NOTE: Fixed an issue causing tooltips to report an incorrect Attack or Spell Power.
* PTS NOTE: Fire now lists the proper weapon types.
* PTS NOTE: The locked second tier no longer shows blank greyed out entries for Warriors.

* The Random Daily Dungeon completions via the LFG tool now also award experience for Planar Attunement, where appropriate for your level.
* LFG players who are briefly disconnected but still in the group will no longer cause unusable replacement popups on the group leader's screen.
* Killing the first boss in a normal dungeon will properly remove the party's LFG cooldown debuff, much like the Expert dungeons do.
* Party leaders that are overleveled for their LFG instance can now successfully use the Find Replacement popup if needed.
* Leaders of raids with 5 players or less can now enroll them in the LFG queue, even if more than one group exists in the 'raid'.
* Parties queued for LFG will remain in the queue when converted to raid, as long as they meet the 5 player or less limit.
* Leaders of LFG raidframe groups can now change the order of players within the party.
* The soul respec window will now warn you that respeccing may kick you from an LFG queue, depending on how much you change!
* Stats contributed from armor set bonuses now count toward tier requirements when looking for dungeons.
* The LFG system will no longer get confused if you add a party member during a dungeon queue pop. It also won't forget group member names if someone is in a Warfront when the window comes up.

* Raid Rift tears now have a unique map icon.
* A new zone event weekly quest is available from Raj Tahleed in Meridian and Abbess Katia in Sanctum.
* The Defiant's Flare and Guardian's Flare abilities now summon more numerous and stronger assistants to help take down an enemy foothold. The ability cooldown is now 2 minutes.
* Anti-Planar Augmentation and Blessed Champion abilities now have a duration and cooldown of 1 minute, instead of the previous 30 second duration and 5 minute cooldown.
* After invaders take over a location they will start stacking the 'Burning Out' debuff, causing them to take increased damage for each stack.
* Increased the experience gain around Rift activities - a small increase to experience gained from Rifts, a moderate increase for footholds and Major Rifts, and a large increase for zone event Colossi!
* Player pets no longer deal reduced damage to Invaders.

* Fixed a bug that caused passive abilities to not apply on pets if they were already summoned at the time of login. Also fixed a bug with item abilities not triggering on pets if the item was equipped prior to the pet being summoned.
* Area effect heals that were using up a heal count on a dead friendly target will no longer do so.
* Fixed an issue causing tooltips from some abilities (most trinkets, in particular) to display inaccurate values for damage and healing when the character has active effect that modify their incoming/outgoing damage or healing values.
* Your camera angle will no longer change when struck by an NPC using Thunderous Kick.

* The Cleric and Warrior Attack Power/Crit and Spell Power/Crit stat contributions have been reverted back to the live values rather than the most recent PTS change.
* Cleric mana pools will now increase just a bit more from gains in Intelligence.


* Dark Water: Fixed tooltip inconsistencies.
* Ravaging Darkness: The damage from Ravaging Darkness itself is now properly converted into healing.
* Reversal of Fortune: No longer causes you to be hit by your own Decays.
* Symbol of the Ancient: Removed the extra comma from the tooltip.
* Curse of Discord, Curse of Solitude: Both now specify in their tooltips that they will not stack with each other.

* PTS NOTE: Corporal Punishment: Now grants a flat 50% chance to gain increased damage to your Life and Death based abilities for 5 seconds. Does not scale based on points spent in the Inquisitor soul.

* Bolt of Radiance: Removed the secondary taunt effect that required Mien of Leadership.
* Provoke: Now available with 12 points in Justicar. Taunts the target, forcing them to attack the Justicar for 3 seconds. Does not trigger a global cooldown.
* Interdict: No longer has a delay before actually interrupting the target.

* Rite of the Ancestors: Corrected the tooltip on the effect.

* Lasting Invocation: This now considers both the healing applied as well as overhealing done by Healing Invocation for determining the amount of the heal-over-time portion.
* Vigilance: Rank 2 is no longer blocked by the Latent Blaze debuff.
* PTS NOTE: Serendipity: Now grants a flat 40% chance to reduce the casting time of your next heal. Does not scale based on points spent in the Sentinel soul.

* PTS NOTE: Lust for Blood: Now grants a flat 45% chance to deal additional damage on your next Physical hit. Does not scale based on points spent in the Shaman soul.

* PTS NOTE: Overflow: Now grants a flat 40% chance to proc an additional heal on your target. Does not scale based on points spent in the Warden soul.

* Warlock's Opportunity and Dominator's Quick Thinking no longer stack with each other. Opportunity has a higher priority and will be applied if both would be up at the same time.
* Fixed an issue where using two Charge-consuming abilities at the same time would only have the first one consuming Charge.

* Leeching Flames: Multiple Archons can now have Leeching Flames up on the same target.

* Fixed an issue with the Water Elemental's Icy Chains ability that prevented the root from being cleansed.
* Sever Bonds: Can now be cast while silenced.

* Corpse Explosion: Fixed a bug where this wouldn't trigger if used on another player.

* Wildfire: The buff can now be clicked off or otherwise removed.
* PVP - Glyphs of Power: The bonus to Fire damage from Glyphs of Power in PvP combat is 5%.
* Glyphs of Power: Now also increases mana regeneration.
* Flicker: Can now be cast while silenced.

* PTS NOTE: Increased Energy regeneration rate to 23 per second. (originally 20, previously 22 on PTS).

* Assassinate: An additional 150% damage bonus from Attack Power is applied to this attack, up from 100%. Now also completely ignores armor on the target.
* Debilitating Poison: Updated functionality. The Assassin coats their weapons in poisons, and each weapon attack has a 20% chance to deal additional Water damage and drain 5 Energy, 5 Power, or 3% of the target's maximum mana up to a cap of 500 per hit. Lasts for 1 hour. Up to 2 weapon enchantments can be applied at one time.
* Serpent Strike: Energy cost reduced to 10 from 20.

* Motif of Regeneration: Fixed a bug where this would end prematurely when another grouped Bard used their Motif of Regeneration.

* PTS UPDATE: Contra Tempo: Functionality changed. Increases the Attack Power damage bonus to your Quick Strike and Precision Strike by 5-10%. The bonus is increased by 12% for each point spent in Bladedancer above 31.

* PTS NOTE: Rending Munitions: Moved from a 16 point root ability to a 28 point root ability.
* PTS NOTE: Barbed Shot: Reintroduced as a 16 point root ability.
* PTS NOTE: Silver Tip Munitions: Fixed a bug where 2 or more Marksman rogues would override each others debuff on a target. Now, multiple Marksmen can stack the debuff on the target, but are only affected by their own application.
* PTS NOTE: Hit and Run (the new Hit and Run, previously Improved Hit and Run that was renamed) has been removed.
* PTS NOTE: Vampiric Munitions: The healing siphon now works for both overhealing and incoming healing from procced effects. The healing debuff now takes precedence over other healing debuffs on the target. 50% of the healing taken by the target is siphoned to the Marksman.
* Controlled Fire - New Ability: Available with 38 points spent in Marksman. Reduces the Energy cost of all ranged weapon attack abilities by 10% and increases the Attack Power damage bonus by 10%. The bonus is increased by an additional 5% for each point spent in Marksman above 38.
* Rapid Extrication: Now reduces the cooldown of all Marksman abilities by 15-30%.
* The Hammerknell Synergy Crystal for Marksman has an update 2-piece bonus: Marksman Finisher abilities have a 20% chance per combo point spent to reset the cooldown of Empowered Shot and cause the next Empowered Shot to be instant.

* PTS NOTE: Enkindle: Fixed a bug where the Attack Power bonus was affecting all damage attacks rather than only Fire based attacks. Now increases the Attack Power bonus of your Fire and Death based attacks by 15-30%.
* PTS NOTE: Fell Blades: The healing siphon now works for both overhealing and healing that comes from procced effects. The healing debuff now takes precedence over other healing debuffs applied on the target. 50% of the healing taken by the target is siphoned to the Nightblade.

* PTS ONLY: Ranger: Fixed the Dire Wolf's Maul ability creating unnecessary debuff icons when you had no points in Master Huntsman.
* Divert Rage: Updated tooltip to better indicate that the threat transferred to the pet is the threat generated by the Ranger in the 10 seconds after using the ability.

* Instigate: No longer triggers the global cooldown.
* PTS NOTE: Shadow Guard: Reworked the functionality. When you use Phantom Blow, you gain Shadow Guard for 20 seconds, reducing Physical damage taken by 1-5%. For every 1000 Armor you have, you take 1% less Physical damage up to 20% additional bonus.
* PTS NOTE: Defer Death: Reworked the functionality. When struck by a killing blow within 30 seconds, the Riftstalker gains an absorption shield that absorbs all incoming damage for up to 50% of their max health over 15 seconds.
* PTS NOTE: Phantom Blow: Fixed the effect tooltip indicating a reduction of damage per stack when this has been changed to not stack anymore.
* Annihilate: The Attack Power increase is now 15%.
* Planar Disruption - New Ability: Unlocked with 22 points spent. Attempts to disrupt the target's spell casting. Not affected by global cooldown.
* Physical Wellness - New Ability: Unlocked with 46 points spent. Increases the maximum health of party and raid members by 1500. Lasts for 20 seconds.
* Shadow Assault: While in Guardian Phase, the Riftstalker Plane Shifts toward the target instead of to behind the target.
* Shadow Stalk: While in Guardian Phase, the Riftstalker Plane Shifts toward the target, instead of to behind the target.
* Stalker Phase: Increases damage by 5% when active.

* Residual Shrapnel: Functionality changed. Your Blast Charge deals an additional 35% damage over 6 seconds, and Shrapnel Charge deals an additional 50% damage over 6 seconds.
* High Explosives: Damage increases with additional points spent in Saboteur above 44.
* Annihilation Bomb, Chemical Bomb, Fragmentation Bomb: An additional 200% damage bonus from Attack Power is applied to these attacks.
* Updated Saboteur 2-piece bonus on the Hammerknell Synergy Crystal: It now also increases the damage of Fragmentation Bomb and Chemical Bomb by 30%.

* Single-target taunts are no longer on the global cooldown. These include Spark, Shield Throw, Sergeant's order, and Grim Lure. Due to this change, the damage component has been removed from Spark and Shield Throw.
* Grim Lure, Spark, and Shield Throw: Changed the projectile effect on these abilities. The taunt effect now triggers at time of use and not when the projectile hits.

* Pack Mentality: Summoning a pet when you have Pack Mentality will no longer give you and your pet blank buff icons.

* PTS NOTE: Bloodthirst: Additional increase to damage due to returning this ability to the global cooldown.

* Predictable Movements: This should no longer lose charges when the Paragon uses one of their own abilities.

* The Saga of the Endless: A Father's Love: Nearby Rifts will no longer cause quest targets to hide from this quest.
* Some NPCs, primarily in Moonshade Highlands, were granting experience outside of the normal range for their level and difficulty. Corrected!

* A Temporary Solution: Reworked this quest so you are asked to speak with Sasha Nikadon in The Sagespire to receive the quest objective item, 'A Pinch of Sourcestone Powder'.

* Fight Fire with Fire: During this quest you will no longer be able to pick up more than 9 Core of Flames.
* Level 50 Rifts now have a chance to appear in Firesand Desert!

* Increased the chance for tier 1 Expert bosses to drop Epic quality loot.
* Added a 50% chance for tier 1 Expert bosses to drop a second Plaque of Achievement.
* Added a 50% chance for tier 2 Expert bosses to drop a third Plaque of Achievement.
* Reduced the prices of Expert dungeon armor. The second tier of Expert dungeon armor now requires turning in the first tier of Expert armor to purchase.

* Added a 'Conqueror' type achievement for this zone, along with a new reward!

* The later bosses in Hammerknell now drop additional Greater Marks of Ascension.
* Sicaron: Adjusted duration of the Soul Harvest ability.
* Grugonim: Removed reputation gain from the Bloodplague Crawlers and Manifested Death (towers).
* Grugonim: Increased the damage buff granted to players to 4% from 2% per stack.

* Expert: Rotting Flesh is now cleansable.
* Expert: The 'Keep Cleansing' achievement should now properly award as described.

* Fixed the calculation of the Monthly Kills stat. NOTE: This will result in a one-time reset of your monthly kills display, and then it will start tracking properly!
* For PvP quests that require defeating other players, NPCs can no longer steal your credit.
* If you are in a raid with less than 6 people, Prestige and Favor awards will be calculated using the party values.
* Whitefall Steppes: Escalation: Now properly tracks and displays Sourcestone captures and returns on the leaderboard.
* Skilled Alchemists can now obtain the recipe for Pure Valorstone from the Favor Quartermasters in Sanctum and Meridian. Pure Valorstone can be used to add Valor to crafted armor for those looking to gain a leg up in the battlefields of Telara. The crafted armor must be of level 47 or higher to be made with Pure Valorstones.
* Fixed an exploit that allowed Guardians to get up to the back side of the Defiant spawn point in Port Scion.
* Pyromancers: Glyphs of Power: Reduced the bonus to Fire damage from Glyphs of Power in PvP combat to 5%.
* Port Scion: Zerena Karathi and Alys Whiteshield (both in the starting areas) will no longer attack players.
* PTS NOTE: Soul Vitality should no longer be lost when dying in the Runemaster's Library.

* The prices of Essences on the Planar merchants has been adjusted due to the merging of Inscribed and Crystal Sourcestone.
* New Synergy Crystals are now available from the Planar Goods merchants for Greenscale and tier 2 Expert item sets.
* A number of vanity items and gloves that were previously non-tintable can now be dyed!
* Gravemaker Steaks, Drake Filets, and Icewatch Cupcakes no longer have an item use time. The effect is now applied immediately.
* Fixed a bug where Simple Synergy Crystals could be equipped by Clerics.

* Skill-specific Plaques have been converted into Master Crafter's Marks.
* Master Crafter's Marks will now drop and reward wherever the previously skill-specific Plaques would (Apothecary Plaque, Outfitter Plaque, etc.).
* All Epic crafting recipes are now purchased with Master Crafter's Marks.
* Reduced the amount of Eternal Planar Dust required to make the components for the weekly Crafting Rift lure quests. Slightly increased the amount of store-bought materials needed to offset the cost reduction.
* You can now receive Inert Shards, Stones, Gems, Crystals, and Prisms from Apothecary daily quest reward bags and chests, as well as Apothecary Crafting Rifts.
* Skilled Alchemists can now obtain the recipe for Pure Valorstone from the Favor Quartermasters in Sanctum and Meridian. Pure Valorstone can be used to add Valor to crafted armor for those looking to gain a leg up in the battlefields of Telara. The crafted armor must be of level 47 or higher to be made with Pure Valorstones.
* Endurance bonuses from crafted item sets can now stack with each other.
* Fixed the skill level requirement to craft Carmintium Lariat.

* Fixed objects not drawing to the correct distance at initial login.
* Look for new finely-feathered-friends livening up Meridian and Sanctum!
* Improved the variation in crowd cheer audio.
* Fixed some issues that could cause framerate stuttering when running through the world.
* Added voiceover to several existing major zone events.
* Added a sound to Prince Hylas' opening of Greenscale's Door inside Greenscale's Blight.
* Fixed a bug where casting animations were sometimes interrupted by other animations.

* The Marksman 'Bull's Eye' and other similar abilities will now work properly in macros.

* The quest log now displays how many daily and weekly quests you've turned in as well as the limit per day/week. It also shows the current total number of quests in your quest log alongside the quest log cap amount.
* Added an option to always display status text for your Focus target, similar to the existing options for Player, Target, Party, etc.
* If your character has had more than one role that has had a free Soul Point respec applied to it due to a patch, you now see a message box listing all of your respecced roles on first login.
* The Auction House now has a new 'Vanity' subsection to look for wardrobe items!
* Clicking the Bid or Buyout buttons on the Auction House no longer changes the position of your scroll bar in search results.
* Fixed an Auction House purchasing bug that would prevent you from buying an item from search results immediately after placing an item up for auction.
* Item tooltips no longer display red text while dead if you can use the item while alive.
* Tooltips for kill quests that require specific level mobs or higher will no longer show too-low targets as valid.
* Moved the Settings option for Ability Queue into the Action Bar settings category.
* Fixed a bug where you couldn't delete quests from your quest log if the only quests you had in there were daily/weekly types.
* Fixed the chat window occasionally truncating lines when using larger text sizes.
* Ascended Powers and Guild Perks are now organized by category in your Abilities window.


* Client stability improvements, yay!
* Fixed an incompatibility with Windows 8 32-bit.